Mission New York


My first two days in New York have been a whirlwind, but in New York it’s


Yes, everything and everybody is in such a hurry that even the angels would have to work overtime to keep track of everything that happens in this crazy and unbelievably exciting city. Now let me reiterate something I mentioned in my first blog post. I have still not embraced the simple idea that Manhattan is not New York and in fact, New York consists of five boroughs; Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and MANHATTAN.

My experience has been confined to two of the above so far-Brooklyn and Manhattan. Fortunately, this idea capital of the world has a hundred year old subway system so you don’t need to take a “ferry” as most of my readers would have intelligently guessed. However, what might surprise many and also surprised me was the dilapidated condition of the subway system at some stations in a modern city like New York. I do not know if they have been preserved as relics of the past (which seems to be long forgotten by the city’s inhabitants considering the plethora of modern buildings and structures) or are just signs of negligence by the city government.

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