La Voice del Opera


To hear something is really great ability for everybody. We hear and listen to different things: sounds, noises… music.

Music – what is it? A combination of notes, 12 of them … Not too much, but how much different music has already been composed and played and how much is going to be written and played. Unbelievable. Is it only the combination of notes? What about the voice? When voice is added to the music it becomes something really different as new piece of art.

Can music be modern as paintings or architecture? I think it can, voice and words help to create modernity in music. (But this is not the only way to do that – you can actually play with style of music and create something modern).

Music, words, song… OPERA – one of the forms of voice together with music. (Classic one, usually presented with classical music compositions).

We actually heard one just on this Saturday and it was great. “La Fanciulla del West” by Puccini. It was a play about life in a little town in California (why? Play was in Spanish) and event that happened there (about girl who fell in love with a thief). But I want to say about the music of this opera (actually about the voice because it seemed more interesting to me than music itself).

Voice of opera – as I felt, it didn’t go with scene of the play, but…. But it was needed for this play. Especially opera voice style. As I said in my previous posts – modern is something that blows your mind but in normal way. You don’t expect the voice to be flowing in different directions during the play, it doesn’t fit that way, but with combination of differences you can create really amazing thigns. Voice was supposed to be there, in the play, to make it modern, because Puccini was creating a modern style ‘thing’, what was great in my opinion and breathtaking piece (it was 3 hours long, but we didn’t feel the time).

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