To Marry or Not to Marry

To remarry? Who should be wed? For how long? Who is invited?
“Marry for whim! That’s the New York idea of marriage.”
David Auburn’s adaptation of The New York Idea (a play written by Langdon Mitchell in 1906) captured the relevance and celebration that is New York today.  Using marriage as a metaphor to capture the energy and innovation brought on by the city dwellers, I couldn’t help but wonder what I have witnessed that has been mentally or physically unique to New York.
Sitting in the Lucille Lortel theatre my idea of what New York was enforced and deepened.  The audience age ranging from around twelve to one hundred, the subway rumbling under our feet every 15 minutes and the enthusiasm of theatre was something that felt very special and unique – as if it could not be happening anywhere else in the world. That is the illusion New York has been feeding the world to draw the great minds, inventors and ambitious artists to the city. Fortunately, this experience is increasingly found in different cities. 
It became the experience of the New York Idea combined with the actual play that brought it all together for me. The play (as well as the city) can be witnessed by anyone from any walk of life, appreciated by any age group and enjoyed by many cultural backgrounds.  The beauty of New York Idea is not exclusive but it is valuable.

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