dare I say, modern?

An opera, a play, and a hit TV (and now movie) series: What do Minnie, Cynthia and Carrie have in common?
101 years across four mediums – women and their issues of empowerment never seem to age.
The New York Idea is an engaging play, the context of the early 20th century maintained through the mise en scene, while excluding certain events and adapting the original script to place emphasis on different thematic concerns. One the most stark differences was the issue of the Cynthia/Jack marriage/divorce, this updated version doesn’t let this issue pass so easily, Jack’s newfound knowledge doesn’t act as deus ex machina and Cynthia has to assert herself far more actively, by leaving her would-be second husband at the altar after delaying the ceremony because of her spontaneous jaunt off to the races with  Sir William Cates-Darby.
Vida was played with gleeful aplomb, opportunistic and liberated – divorce parties and cigars on church steps, lovers left, right, center – so Vida is Samantha, and Cynthia is Carrie.

In our current (dare I say, modern?) society/era/context, gender equality (as well as equality in general) stands as a hallmark of a developed, ‘modern’ country. These issues go through fads, it seems, the women’s liberation movement, the flapper era, the cougars…
In another 100 years… yes, no, maybe so?

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