C’est La Vie!

Another Broadway Play! 

One less fancier and a theater much smaller,

With the appearance one would think that the play may not be the best,

But then again never judge the book by its cover…

Going in with the plot of the story already known,

and the characters in our head already envisioned.

The curtains rose and our mind’s were fooled.

The characters weren’t much as they seemed,

Vida who in my head was hostile, turned out to be a rather fun character.

The handsome Mr. Karslake pictured in my head didn’t turn out to be very handsome.

The play I enjoyed and admired most was all about…


A serious matter portrayed with humor and entertainment.

A situation so common, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Not now, not in the early 1900s.

The New York Idea showed the guise of the American community and its divorces,

Since it is where divorce most common.


Something so ordinary that you can remarry…

Remarry the person you divorced or another person you admire…

But then again it is never wrong,

one never knows where their right place is until they go to that place…

and then at that time they see whether they were wrong or rightful for someone else…

But then again…

“C’est La Vie!” 

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