New York – had fun @ here!

So our New York time is going to the logical end. We are going back to Abu Dhabi tomorrow night.
New York and Modernity class is almost over, one activity left – Top of the Rock!
But what I want to say is that this class and these 3 weeks of intensive course were very interesting in sense of gaining experience and knowledge at the same time. Sometimes I think now that I might know about the history of New York even more than a random native New Yorker.
During these 3 weeks of our study I learned about New York City a lot and also I learned how it was and is connected to modernity of itself from the inside and outside views. Looking at its modernity from the inside I can say that development of the city was very fast and great in case of developing in a short periods of time. From outside I can see its modernity in comparison with other cities, which also seem to be modern. For example brand new city with everything new in it as Abu Dhabi and old city as Kazan with more than 1000 years of history. New York with its 300 years of history is lying somewhere between these two cities in a historical development. Abu Dhabi and Kazan are the cities which represent another kind of modernity than New York’s. New York developed way faster than Kazan and in a short period of time is way further in development. We can’t say that about Abu Dhabi because it is really very young (~40 years) and developing very fast with all those skyscrapers and technologies available. But who knows what will happen in the next 50 years?.. That’s why modernity of New York is different from Abu Dhabi’s.
Modernity of New York city is expressed in arts, architecture and city planning. Kazan’s modernity is represented in a way of life in such an old city – everything is up-to-date and modern: behavior of people, business strategies, and politics. I can’t say that about New York just because it always was like that starting from the very beginning – new kind of life, speed of life – and it is not something special anymore, at list now.

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