reporting on the bagel, from new york city

the city that never sleeps.
or was that tokyo…?
fashionable people, so i’ve been told.
like paris…?
lots, and lots, and lots of people.
(not as many as china)
and bagels.
i had my first-ever bagel today, my first ever meal, from dunkin’ donuts.
i’ve seen a dunkin’ donuts in australia, and had them in abu dhabi as well.
“the UAE runs on dunkins’”
i never checked to see if australia runs on dunkins’, but it probably does too.
it’s probably because it’s been less than a day since i’ve been in NYC, and walked down about two streets – so as of yet, it doesn’t feel that much different from sydney.
lots of people from different ethnic backgrounds, check.
lots of stores, (more variety, but still essentially the same idea,) check.
busy streets, check.
the cold weather and the accents threw me off, but there’s must be more to NYC than cold januarys and funny accents – ‘cause it has something extra, one thing that australia doesn’t have –
i wikipedia-d ‘bagel’ because everyone kept talking about them back at sama, it was one of the most-missed foods, I think. Everyone (note: exaggeration) in NYC eats bagels, it’s an NY ‘thing,’ quote a korean documentary on NYC.
i found out that the bagel is actually of jewish origins. who’d have thought. it’s the brief dunking in boiling water that makes them chewy.
NYC. I haven’t seen much of it yet, but I plan to. I expected to see things more inherent to NY, I think, instead of bigger versions of things I’m used to –
so i’m off to look for more ‘bagels.’
hello, new york city.

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